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Trauma & PTSD

You’ve experienced something deeply distressing and are feeling overwhelmed and isolated. You feel a constant undercurrent of fear, anxiety, or numbness, and are having trouble connecting with others. You feel physically exhausted, tired, and on edge…


You find yourself replaying a painful event over and over in your mind and you can’t quite seem to let it go. This memory is stuck in the present and you’re reacting to it as if it were still happening. EMDR is a research backed technique to help unstick those memories...

Narcissistic Abuse

You’re in a relationship that is causing you to feel emotionally and mentally drained. You’ve been manipulated, confused, criticized - all in an effort to undermine your self-worth and reality. You think that if you could just explain yourself, they might understand how you’re feeling…


We’re often told that relationships are “hard work” but are seldom told what that hard work is supposed to entail. Your partner may be listening, but you still don’t feel heard. Whether you’re focused on enhancing your connection or contemplating the possibility of separation, I’m here to assist you in navigating the next steps.

High Control Groups

You belong in a group that is supposed to feel supportive, but something doesn’t feel right. You find yourself feeling trapped, suffocated, and hopeless. You’re a curious, smart person who wants to know more, but when you ask questions you’re told to just accept things as they are...

Election Stress

Are we really in another election year?  How do we keep up on the news without feeling overwhelmed? How do we maintain relationships when we disagree on such fundamental ideas? It’s all so obvious to you, how come others can’t see it?

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