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Election Stress

Two boxing gloves hanging side by side, one is blue and one is red.

Election stress is a real and undeniable experience that can cause anxiety, tension, and uncertainty. As we approach election day, our anticipation and concerns about outcomes and their broader impacts on the future can intensify. 


The constant political news and polarized discussions in the media can be overwhelming, leaving little room for emotional relief. Your political beliefs may feel closely tied to your core values, making it challenging to ignore.


This stress can also affect relationships with loved ones, colleagues, and family members, as you may feel the need to navigate conversations carefully to avoid tension. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells as you try to maintain relationships while still being able to express your values.


We'll explore your feelings while considering both your physical and emotional reactions. Our focus will be on identifying coping techniques to manage stress and increase your tolerance. We'll also address the complexities of strained relationships, aiming for a path that aligns with your well-being and values.

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