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This is a photo of a Japanese traditional repair method known as kintsugi, where broken pieces of pottery are stuck back together in a beautiful way allowing the pottery to continue to be usable.

Do some memories feel like they are stuck in the present, looping over and over again, making it tough to move forward? And even though talking has been somewhat helpful, you still find it challenging to break free from what happened?


Trauma can have this way of trapping memories in the present, making it feel like those difficult events are still happening today, triggering the same response you felt when it first happened. Enter EMDR – Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It's like a toolkit for your brain's natural healing process.


EMDR is a structured therapy crafted to tackle trauma memories without diving into all the details. Instead of talking it out, you'll briefly focus on those tough experiences while getting some bilateral stimulation, like eye movement or tapping.


This process helps shift memories from the present and back into the past where they belong. You won't erase what happened, but it should feel less like an ongoing struggle.


EMDR takes effort, and before we start I'll make sure we've created a safe space and built up trust, so you've got the support you need as we navigate through the process of dealing with those intense memories. 

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