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Narcissistic Abuse

This is a photo of a variety of masks, denoting the many faces of a manipulating narcissist.

I understand the tough road you've traveled in realizing you've been in a narcissistically abusive relationship.


Narcissistic relationships can show up in different ways, whether it's with partners, parents, friends, bosses/coworkers, spiritual leaders, or even within institutional settings like workplaces and multi-level marketing groups.


These types of relationships often leave us feeling lost, like we've just weathered something overwhelming, and figuring it all out can be a real challenge. It's normal to blame ourselves, wondering why we didn't see the signs or thinking that if we had tried harder, things might have turned out differently.


But the truth is, there's nothing you could have done differently to truly change the outcome. Letting go of the idea that you could have made a difference can be tough, especially when dealing with someone skilled at shifting blame and evading responsibility like narcissists do. They manipulate trust and exploit the human need for connection, and in some cases, you might find yourself dependent on the very person who created this unstable environment.


In therapy, our focus will be on helping you navigate this confusion, reclaim your sense of self, and rebuild trust in yourself. It's a journey towards reconnection and self-discovery. You're not alone, and together we can work towards a healthier, more empowered future.

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